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5 Wood Snowman Craft Ideas

Wanting some fun and easy wood snowman craft ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve got 5 ideas that you can start making today.

These wood snowman craft ideas can be used as ornaments, gift toppers, homemade presents, decorations, or just an excuse to craft with your kids.

Materials Needed

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I may earn a commission from sales made.)

Before we jump into the 5 wood snowman craft ideas, let me give you a master list of materials I had on hand and links to where you can find them as well.

Wood snowman craft materials:

5 Wood Snowman Craft Ideas

(This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I may earn a commission from sales made.)

1. Small Wood Slice Snowman Face Ornaments

For the first wood snowman craft idea, we have these adorable wood slice snowman face ornaments! (I’m in love) For your materials, you will need a pack of small unfinished wood slice ornaments and acrylic paint in white, black, and orange.

To begin, if your ornaments came with a twine hanger, remove it. Then, paint the base white (you might need a couple coats). Next paint on the face. Once it dries, put the hanger back in and its done!

Tip #1: To switch things up, I used a tan color for the nose and dabbed a little gold glitter glue on for a little snowy sparkle.

2. Wooden Block Snowman Craft

For the next wood snowman craft idea, check out this adorable wooden block snowman! You can stack them up and hot glue them together OR you can keep the blocks separate and let your kids have fun building snowmen!

To make these, you will need some wooden blocks, sandpaper, and acrylic paint in black, white, and orange.

To begin, paint all the blocks white. Once they are dry, sand around the edges to get the framed-in distressed look.

Then, paint your faces on ( I free-handed mine and added some gold glitter glue onto the nose). I love how our wooden block snowmen turned out, and that they are a kid-friendly winter decoration that the whole family can enjoy!

3. Double Wood Slice Snowman Craft

Here’s another easy wood snowman craft idea using the mini wood slice ornaments. For this one, you will make the snowman faces then paint an extra slice white (look for one that is slightly bigger than the head. Once the paint dries, add on a few black buttons.

Next, Hot glue the two ornaments together and add a scarf! How sweet are these!

Tip #1 If you are using wood slice ornaments with pre-drilled holes, make sure the hole of the bottom slice is at the top, where the scarf will cover it.

And here is my daughter’s version of our wooden snowman craft: (I love how she added the hat and the Christmasy ribbon for the scarf!)

4. Wooden Bead Snowman Craft

For this next wood snowman craft, you will need twin, wooden beads, and acrylic pain in black, white, and orange. To begin, paint your beads white (you might need a few coats).

Once the paint is dry, add a face to one of the beads. Next, cut a string of twine and tie a knot at the bottom (so the beads won’t fall off). Then, add the beads and put a slip knot at the top for hanging.

To spice up this wooden snowman craft you could also add buttons and a scarf!

5. Painted Wood Slice Snowman Craft

For this last wood snowman craft, you will need a larger wood slice ornament (3.5-4in), acrylic paint in black, white, and orange, as well as, a string of ribbon or fabric.

To begin, paint a black base color and let it dry. Next paint a snowman. This is the fun part, you can be as detailed or simple as you want.

Once it’s dry, add a ribbon and you are all done.

This is a great craft to do with your kids. My kids also did this one with me, and they had so much fun coming up with their own snowman design. We will be revisiting this one for sure!

Things You Can Do With Your Wood Snowman Crafts

What are you going to do with your new adorable wooden snowmen? The possibilities are numerous, but here are a few creative ideas I thought of for mine:

  • Hang your wood snowman ornaments on your Christmas tree
  • Give as a gift
  • Use your wooden snowmen in your Christmas decor
  • Hang from a doorknob
  • Make as a Family Christmas Countdown Activity together
  • Sell at a craft fair
  • Attach a wood snowman the top of a gift
  • Make some of these wood snowman crafts and give out as a party favor
  • Attach one to a Christmas wreath
  • Hang one of the wood snowman ornaments along with stockings from your mantle

Wood Snowman Craft Q&A

1. How do you make a wooden snowman?

First, decide what kind of wooden snowman you want to make. Snowman can be made out of unfinished wood slice ornaments, wooden cubes, pallets, wood beads, or other wood options. Once you decide, look up a tutorial (like this one) and get started!

2. How do you paint a snowman face?

The goal is to have two eyes, a carrot-looking nose, and a mouth. The rest is up to you! For example, I painted the black of the eyes first then did the nose and then moved to the mouth. Once those dried, I added a little white dot in the eyes and some gold glitter glue on the nose.

3. How fast does acrylic paint dry?

Acrylic paint is a great craft paint because it dries pretty quickly (5-15mins) Note: If you apply thin layers at a time, it will dry quicker (globs of paint take a lot longer to dry).

4. Where can I buy wood slice ornaments?

Most craft stores carry them around the holidays and Amazon usually has them all year round.

More Homemade Winter Crafts to Try

Looking for more Winter craft ideas? If so, check out these other homemade Winter crafts you can do with your family. 

What is your favorite way to make a snowman using wood?

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