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Easy DIY Kitchen Towel Apron for Kids

Our kids are always helping in the kitchen.  As of late, their aprons have been in desperate need of replacing. Today I’m sharing these easy kitchen towel aprons I made for them.


Easy Kitchen Towel Apron

I found these towels at Marshals at the beginning of the summer, and knew right away that I wanted to try this diy. They were oversized and durable looking. (The kind you can wash and they won’t wrinkle weird.)

They have been sitting on my desk and the kids have asked about them numerous times. When I finally pulled them out today, they got super excited.

Note: I did not invent this apron idea. I was inspired by Livefreecreativeco and bystphanielynn. Make sure you check out their lovely blogs to see more great ideas!

How to make the Kitchen Towel Apron

Now, let me make a disclaimer. I am not a seamstress. I have basic skills and they are basically self taught.

I’ve done a ton of projects, but I tend to be someone who eyeballs measurements rather than adheres to them exactly. I’m the same way with cooking. So, I apologize if this is not the most clear of instructions. However, if you are a gist type of person, like myself, I think you will be just fine.


Materials needed: (affiliate links)

*You could easily sew this by hand or use a fabric glue.




1. Iron the towel and the scrap piece of fabric.

2.   To attach the lace to the pocket, fold the top of the scrap fabric down 1/2in, place the lace on top and sew together 


3.  To attach the pocket to the towel, fold the other three sides in a 1/2in, iron, then pin to the towel. (I held the towel up to my daughter to decide were to place the pocket-no rocket science here.) Then sew the pocket on, making sure you don’t sew the top line.?


4. To make the apron. Turn the towel right side down and fold the top two corners into the center, making sure they are even on both sides.

5. Then tuck two long strings of twill tape on either side for the ties. Press together.


6. Sew an 1/8in seam at the edge and then another 1/2in seam. (I probably could have got away with just the 1/2in seam, but I though the extra seam would make it a little more durable.)


7. Trim the extra corners and fold  it under about an 1/2in and sew it to the twill tape. (This will keep this edge from fraying.)



8. Secure the ties at the top. For the waist ties, turn the twill tape outwards so it’s pulling in the right direction and secure with a strong seam.







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