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25 Christmas Countdown Family Activities

In what ways do you celebrate the holiday season? Do you have a bucket list, or an advent that you follow? Or do you take each day as it comes? Well today, I’ve got 25 of our favorite, family-friendly activities to do each day in December counting down to Christmas. Keep Christmas fun and simple…

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50+ Christmas Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

With Christmas around the corner, here is a list of fun Christmas activities you can do with your preschool or kindergarten aged kids. Planning a Christmas Unit for Preschool or Kindergarten Planning a Christmas unit will more than likely look very different for a lot of people. Since we are a Christian family we like…

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Printable Homeschool Forms for Kids and Parents

Wondering what forms you might use for homeschool? Today I’m sharing some of the printable homeschool forms I use in my kids morning work binders. Stay to the end to find links to download each one. What should homeschoolers be keeping track of? Check your state requirements to find out what is mandatory to keep…

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Thanksgiving Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Today I’m sharing some Thanksgiving-themed activities for preschool and kindergarten. Let’s get started! What can my child learn about Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a great topic to study with our kids. From learning about why we celebrate this holiday to fostering an attitude of gratitude, a week of learning about Thanksgiving will be well worth the…

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Pumpkin Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Its September! Time for visiting pumpkin patches and making pumpkin pie. Today I’m sharing a list of pumpkin-related activities you can do with your kids. These ideas would be great for building a pumpkin-themed unit study for your homeschool or classroom OR for planning a few fun pumpkin themed activities for the season. Here we…

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Free Oregon State Unit Study

Today I’m sharing a huge free Oregon State Unit Study so get your planner out and lets get started! Oregon Unit Study We are branching out this year and planning our own history units. Our first one this year it to study our state (Oregon). The landscape, animals, basic history, people and key facts. We…

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Back-to-School Homeschool Mom Favorites

Gearing up for another great year, what would you consider to be your back-to-school homeschool mom favorites? Your homeschool essentials? Is it your trusty laptop or simply a generous stash of chocolate? Here are my top ten… Back-to-School Homeschool Mom Favorites (This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links) 1. High Quality Printer/Copy machine I print things…

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Transportation Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Today I’m sharing a huge list of transportation activities for preschool and kindergarten. Get your planner out and lets get started! How do you explain transportation to a preschooler? First of all, lets talk about how to explain transportation to you kids. Simply put, transportation is the way we get places (how we move from…

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10 Tips for Having a Productive Homeschool Day

What is considered a productive homeschool day and how can we make it happen? Let’s tackle these two questions then get into a list of 10 practical ways you can work to achieve this. What is Considered Productive Homeschool Day? A productive homeschool day is one where you are able to achieve your main objectives….