Mason Jar Hacks

For my fellow, frugal friends: This is where the fun is at! Finding new ways to use your Mason jars with items you already have around the house!

This is right up my alley. If I can find a way to make something happen, with stuff I already have on hand, it’s a go. These hacks were really fun to compile and try out. Please let me know if you have any other ones I can add to my list. 


 Mason Jar Hacks

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1. Measuring Cup

Did you know you can use your Mason Jar as a measuring cup? Yep, it covers cups, ounces, and milliliters.


2. Blender Attachment

The thread on a Mason Jar is the same as a standard-sized blender. It can also be used for some smaller blenders (like the Magic Bullet) where you can twist the blade attachment onto the mason jar itself.


3. Twistable Lid

If you want an easy twistable lid for you Mason Jar, (before you run out and purchase one) check and see if you have an old Peanut Butter OR Mayo lid.


4. Shaker Lid

Looking for a shaker lid? No problem. The Parmesan Cheese lid fits perfectly.

shaker lid for mason jar


5. Bread Baking

What?! Yes, apparently you can bake bread in your mason jars. (What a cool party favor or easy holiday gift idea!)


6. Shipping Cupcakes

This would be an awesome way to send some of your homemade love in someone’s direction! You can make the actual cupcake in the jar, or you can just use the jar as the shipping container (frosting and all). Here’s how.


7. DIY Lunchables

You can insert a small personal-sized applesauce or fruit container on top. You can also empty out the contents and insert it into the jar to keep the wet and dry substances separate (i.e. salad/dressing, fruit/peanut butter.)


More DIY Ideas to Try






Do you have any  Mason jar hacks?

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  1. Love these! I love the lunch idea, which is practical for adults but sadly not for kids … who aren’t allowed glass containers. 🙁 Otherwise I would 100% do that!

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