3D Paper Heart Flower Craft for Kids

Today we are making this 3D paper heart flower craft for kids. It is easy and fun and you more than likely have everything you need for it, laying around your house. 

My kids and I love looking at some of the 3D flowers that have been made from paper. Its crazy! Poppies, Daffodils, and Roses, there are so many talented people out there!

Feeling inspired, we thought it would be fun to come up with an easy 3D paper flower that kids could make.  


3D paper heart flower craft for kids finished


Materials Needed for 3D Paper Heart Flower Craft

Materials Needed: Amazon Affiliate Links in this List.



How to Make the 3D Paper Heart Flower Craft

  1. Cut a circle for the base of the flower (I used a jar to trace mine).
  2. Cut out a handful of hearts in two different shades of the same color.  (I used my Cricut maker to pre-cut all the hearts)
  3. Begin gluing your first shade onto the circle to create the base of your flower.

3D paper heart flowers craft step

4.  Next, to make the center of the flower, twist a small strip of paper and around a pencil and glue in place.

3D paper heart flowers craft center of flower

5. Take your second color shade, and fold those hearts in half. Glue the ends into the center hole of the flower (glueing only one side down to create the 3D effect). Then glue the last two on.

Assembling paper heart flower

6. Lastly, glue the finished flowers onto the ends of the large craft sticks and  you are done! 

3D paper heart flowers all together



Ways to use the 3D Paper Flowers

These paper flowers for kids are a fun craft that you could use in a few different ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Handmade Mother’s Day gift
  • Table decoration
  • Cheerful neighbor gift
  • bulletin board decor
  • Preschool Spring craft
  • Elementary spring craft





More Spring Activities for Kids

Looking for some more fun ideas for the Spring months? Here are some other spring crafts for kids, as well as, book lists, and printable resources to get you started!

flower silhouette craft child pointing




What spring activities are you doing with your kids?

3d paper heart flowers pin




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