The Ultimate Guide to Mason Jar Accessories

Part of living simple is incorporating items that serve many purposes. Enter the Mason Jar. Simple, timeless, useful, and just plain cute. Here is a list of mason jar accessories. 

I did a post a while back on reusable vs. disposable, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the different ways people use Mason Jars other than canning, as well as, the different accessories you can get for them. (#ads)



Mason Jar Accessories

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 1. To-Go Cup Lid

Glass water bottles are a big thing right now, because of all the research supporting the dangers of plastics and things of that nature. Instead of buying a fifteen-dollar, glass water bottle, why not buy a to-go lid for your mason jars?


 2. Drinking Cup Lid

Ask Mr. Coppertop, I’ll drink out of a Mason Jar any day of the week over a regular glass. If I’m at home, I don’t bother with a lid, but hey look! They have them…

2. Hand Pump Lid

You can purchase a hand-pump lid, or make one yourself. These are great for diy lotions, body washes, or other liquid, bulk-type items you would use a hand-pump for.

3. Sprayer Attachment

Having spray in a glass bottle could be beneficial if you were making your own cleaner or room-scent spray with essential oils that could potentially break down plastics. They sell these spray tops on Amazon for pretty cheap.


 4. Coin Bank Lid

This could be a great, visual place to save for a family vacation or a large purchase. This could also be a simple way to create a piggy-bank system for your kiddos. Perhaps let them decorate their jar with acrylic paints…future diy?

5. Shaker Lid

I love this use. I like to grow and dry my own herbs. With the close-able shaker tops, I can easily store the herbs and use them as needed.


6. Storage Lid

You can store anything from food, coins, or cotton-balls. They also make user-friendly twistable lids (both regular and decorative).



7. Lunch/Snack Containers

You can make a weeks worth of lunches and store them in jars to grab, as you walk out the door. They also have inserts you can buy for dressings and dips.

8. Cold Brew Coffee Filter

Yes, you can even get a filter so you can brew your coffee in the fridge for a more rich flavor. (considering the cold-brew coffee makers average around thirty bucks, this option is a pretty good deal.)

11. Liquid Tap Lid

This would be great if you make a lot of your own dressings or buy your Olive Oil in bulk.



12. Tooth Brush Holder Lid

If you are into the cute, rustic bathroom decor, here you go… just know, there’s nothing wrong with skipping the fancy lid and twine and going a little redneck. 


13. Honey Dipper Lid

Just in case you keep bees or buy your local honey in bulk.


I had a lot of fun finding these. It’s neat to see how many different ways you can use something.

I’m also working on a post to share a few hacks I found for some of these items, as well. So instead of purchasing these accessories you can create them with items that you already have around the house.


More DIY Ideas to Try



What are your favorite mason jar accessories?

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  1. Jessica, you got this Texas gal all on board. I absolutely love Mason jars. Hadn’t thought a lot using them as toothbrush holders. ??. Love, love. Smoothies taste better in a mason jar… Obviously a nice cold tea in a mason jar is paradise ??. Thank-you for the great ideas my dearest sister ??

  2. Do you believe me if I tell you that we re-use all of the glass jar that come with olives, pickles, beans, etc. Then we used them to can things and also to store things in the fridge, instead of tupperware containers!

  3. This is great! I have about 50 empty jars in my garage waiting to be transformed into something useful. I’m thinking soap dispensers will be my first project!

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