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Free Mother’s Day Questionnaires

Have any big plans for Mother’s Day this year? Today I’m sharing a sweet Mother’s Day Questionnaire printable that you can use with your little ones that is sure to bring a smile to mom’s face.

We’ve done these questionnaires with our kids for years, and they never disappoint. Seeing how my kids perceive me is always adorable and is often downright hilarious.

I like to tuck these Mother’s Day questions away in a memory box to pull out and read as the kids get older. And as a side note, my kids enjoy reading through their answers just as much as I do.

Mother’s Day questions and answers

This Mother’s Day quiz idea has been around for a while. The whole idea is for mom (or grandma) to read the questions given to their child and enjoy what their answers are (which is often quite amusing).

Things like “How old is mom?” and your five year old responds by saying she thinks you are fifteen. OR “What do you like to do with your mom?” and your kids give a thoughtful reply of what you do together that is meaningful to them.

Funny, sweet, creative, and amusing this Mother’s Day Activity is nice way to make mom’s holiday a little more special.

What the best age range for this Mother’s Day activity? You can do this activity at any age! If your kids are super young, have dad write fill their answers in. Even older kids can enjoy getting their mom in sentimental mode or making her laugh her socks off. This Mother’s Day quiz idea is a tradition that the whole family can enjoy.

What special things can kids do on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a great time for kids to get creative. Not to mention a great time to help your kids learn a little bit of thoughtfulness in regards to the women who love them and care for them. With that being said, Mother’s Day ideas for kids that are free and accessible are the way to go. (Thats one reason I like this Mother’s Day questions and answers activity.)

So, do the Mother’s Day questionnaire then try a few more of these other free Mother’s Day ideas and plan a special day that mom will really enjoy and remember for years to come.

Free Printable Questionnaire pack for Mother’s Day

This free printable resource pack has four options: one for moms, one for mums, one for grandmas, and lastly, for aunts.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire for Moms

The first option in this mothers day questionnaire pack is the All About My Mom page. Print it off and have your kids fill it out. OR, of your kids are too young, simply ask them the questions and write in the answers for mom to enjoy on her special day.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire for Mums

The second page in this printable pack is for mums. All over the world moms are also referred to as mum, so it only made sense to include these lovely ladies as well.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire for Grandmas

Many times grandmas also play the role of primary care giver and when Mother’s Day rolls around, it’s a great time to really show them how special they are as well. This pack also has a printable Mother’s Day questionnaire for Grandmas as well.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire for Aunts

For the aunts who you want to recognize on Mother’s Day, whether they are a child’s guardian or someone very special in your kids, there is also an All About My Aunt page included in the free printable resource as well.

Make your own Mother’s Day Questionnaire

Kids love to talk about their family especially the people they spend the most time with. To make your own Mother’s Day questionnaire, come up with a list of questions you think your kids would really connect with and go from there.

You can type up your ‘All About Mom’ questions or have your kids design their own questionnaire with a little card stock and creativity. Here are some Mother’s Day servey question ideas you can try:

Mother’s Day questionnaire ideas:

  • How old is mom?
  • What is mom’s favorite thing to do?
  • What is mom’s favorite food?
  • Why do you love mom?
  • What do you like to do with mom?
  • What is mom’s job?
  • Where does mom like to go?
  • What is her favorite color
  • What is mom’s favorite thing to do?
  • What does mom always say?
  • How does mom make you laugh?
  • What is your favorite memory of mom?
  • Why is mom special?
  • What is the best meal that mom makes?
  • How would mom spend a million dollars?
  • What does mom like to wear?
  • What is mom’s favorite movie?

Free Mother’s Day Questionnaire Download

This FREE Mother’s Day Questionnaire printable is part of the Inspire the Mom free resource library. If you are already a member, hop on over to the free resource page. If not, fill out the simple form below and join our community for access to this freebie as well as and other great resources!

What can my kids give in addition to the Mother’s Day Questionnaire?

Keep it simple, and let your kids shine. Here are some fun things kids can make and give to their moms along with the Mother’s Day questionnaire printable.

handprint heart tree craft completed

Lovepop Cards for Moms

Another fun way to celebrate moms for Mother’s Day or Birthdays is by giving Lovepop cards. This card company sent me a few samples to try and as you can see from the picture below, they are awesome! Slip your Mother’s Day questionnaire inside the Lovepop card pocket AND you have the perfect gift for mom!

What questions would you add to your Mother’s Day Questionnaire Printable?

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