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June Morning Menu Pages for Homeschool

Are you curious what is in the June Morning Menu? From honeybees to learning the sign language alphabet, June’s themed morning menu pages are packed with wonderful learning opportunities to add to your morning time.

What is a Morning Menu?

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To begin, a morning menu is a selection of material that your student practices each day. It’s called a morning menu, because you can slip the pages into a menu sleeve and your kids can use a dry erase marker to practice their pages each day. Furthermore, a morning menu is great for family-style learning OR independent practice in the areas of math, language arts, handwriting, poetry, nature study, Bible, and more.

Materials Needed to Assemble the June Morning Menu:

June Morning Menu for Kids

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I may earn a commission from sales made. Thank you!

1. Calendar and Daily Check-in

First, the June calendar and daily check-in pages are a review for kids to practice basic information. These things include name writing, days of the week, today’s date, age, mood, birthday, address, phone number, clock reading, moon phases, weather, seasons, monthly flower, the five senses, and a place for daily gratitude.

There is a lot to choose from, but you can pick and choose which items you would like your child to work on throughout the month. (This section stays somewhat the same throughout for the Morning Menu Series, so they don’t have to master it all this month.)

2. Nature Study

For this month’s nature study component, we will be learning about honey bees, as well as, the Lavender herb. Between labeling bee parts, and learning the bee life-cycle, there will be plenty to get your kids interested in these fascinating things in nature.

Additionally, here are some fun picture book suggestions about bees:

3. Character Trait – Attentive

The character trait for the month of June is attentive; the ability to pay close attention to something.

There is a daily bible verse and quote, as well as, a full page of attentive-building activities to try. These activities range from reading a book from start to finish, to being patient what bird-watching. Furthermore, each idea is very attainable for kids and will hopefully strengthen their personal habit of attentiveness.

 4. Math Practice

June’s morning menu offers a few different math components to meet the needs of a variety of ages and abilities. There is a number of the day page as well as a roll and solve page. These both can be used for all ages. There is also practice with 2-D and 3-D shapes, writing number words, and working with simple fractions.

5. Memory Work

Next, Psalm 100 is the scripture memory work passage from the Bible for this month. There are five verses in all. You can focus on one or try to memorize the whole passage.

5. Handwriting and Copywork

Handwriting and copywork are always included in the morning menus because they really help to build skills in handwriting, vocabulary, grammar, and information retention.

For this month’s morning menu, ‘Morning Song of Bees’ by Louisa May Alcott is the featured selection. This colorful poem with rich vocabulary highlights the fascinating life and work of bees.

6. Learning the Sign Language Alphabet

Lastly, the June menu teaches the sign language alphabet! This is such a fun, kinesthetic activity that can be built upon for years to come. (It is also tied into the attentiveness challenge checklist.)

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