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Memory Verses for Kids

Today I’m sharing some memory verses for kids. This is a great printable resource to get you started on fostering faith within your home.

Scripture Memory In My Childhood

One of the sweetest gifts my parents gave me was the verses they trained me to memorize when I was a child. I remember my mom had typed out a full page of references on her typewriter and rewarded us with smiley-face stickers as we committed each one to memory.

The ultimate prize was an ice cream cone. The only reason I remember this was because after all my hard work, I chose bubblegum flavor and I was sorely disappointed… turns out, it’s not fun trying to chew gum and enjoy ice cream at the same time.

Regardless of my flawed prize, and even perhaps my motives at the time for doing it, I am forever indebted to my parents for the investment those verses made into my future. As an adult I have memorized things. Some of them have stuck and others have completely vanished away, but the ones taught to me as a child are in the very fabric of my being.

The verses they encouraged me to learn have brought healing, peace, joy, and guidance to my life. They have been the words I have heard when I was nowhere near my parent’s  voice, and the arms that have held me when I was completely out of their reach.

Prioritizing Scripture Memorization

For this reason, every morning after breakfast, we do Bible verses with our kids. Since our kids are little we usually spend a whole week, sometimes two memorizing a verse (depending on the length).

There will come a day when those innocent, crumb-filled faces will be in the thick of life. They will experience happiness, sorrow, fear, anger, rejection, hatred, and possibly even suffering. And when that day comes, I want them to know where they can find the answers, how to ask for wisdom, what to do with hard things, where to get peace, and who they can pray to about it all.

Here is a printable list of some of our favorites.

More Bible Resources

Do you do memory verses with your kids?

Memory Verses for kids

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  1. Jessica, you are absolutely right in every way. Thank-you for sharing. We do memory verses with our babies. Like you said, we believe that life will happen; it may be filled with pain, suffering, rejection, hatred and more. If they have scripture hidden in their hearts, they will know the hard truth and the answers. When they have scripture in their hearts, my heart then is completely at peace. ❤

    1. Thanks, Susan! I love the way you said it in the last sentence…that is exactly how I feel. I can have peace knowing that I’ve given them the tools they need to face this life. <3

  2. That is beautiful, you know it takes a lot of work to commit to this and keep going with it not knowing how much of it they will retain, but I am sure your effort is worthwhile and heartfelt and they will feel that regardless of the future.

  3. I love this!! So beautiful to do this with your kids. Great job! This is tough for me because we’re a mixed religion family, Jewish and Lutheran, but the good Old Testament verses might be a nice common ground. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Wonderful thing to do for your children – teach them the word of God. Going to church and doing scriptures at home is perfect for teaching children.

  5. Yes, yes, yes! And thank you for sharing!! As a mama who wasn’t raised in a Christian home, I’m always searching for examples of how to raise my kids up in God’s family and leave a legacy of faith.

  6. Such a lovely way of introducing kids to the bible Jessica. We do say prayers with the kids but I want to do a daily bible reading verse also. The ones you picked areso, dare I say “inspiring” Have a great night, huggs Terri ?

  7. We have to bring them up in the faith , as best we can , I know I can do more , but need to prioritise the time. Church on Sunday does have the bible readings needed to meditate on. Hugs, Jessica, Terri xoxo.

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