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Printable Spring Busy Book

One thing I love about Oregon is that winter’s don’t last too long. A few crocus flowers are starting to open and I am going to go out on a hopeful limb and share a Spring-themed Busy Book. (If not only to keep these spring vibes alive.) ?

Of course, it could snow next week and I’ll have to pull the Winter one back out. Who knows…I’ll take my chances.


Spring Busy Book

I have shared these seasonal busy books on my blog. And this Spring one, completes the series.

While it has colorful, spring-themed graphics, it reinforces basic math and problem-solving activities for toddlers thru kindergarten. Contents include things like matching, counting, patterns and more.

Besides these being a great educational tool, these busy books are some of our favorite resources to pull out while the older kids are doing their school, or even at the kitchen counter when I am working on dinner.

My kids love them.


How to Assemble the Spring Busy Book:

This project is a little prep work up front, but the result is definitely worth it! After you print the pages you will need to laminate them, and cut them in half.

Then you will need to cut out the pieces on the pages that say ‘cut’. (These will be the moveable pieces that your child will attach to the pages.)

Attach the pieces, using clear velcro. (Don’t skimp on the velcro, or the book won’t withstand multiple uses.)

Lastly, put it together in a half 3-ring binder or have it bound at a local print shop. (Mine cost me about $3 to have bound.)




    1.  Purchase, download, and print the ‘Printable Spring Busy Book
    2.  Laminate the pages
    3. Cut the pieces from the “cut” pages
    4. Velcro the cut pieces to the coordinating page using clear velcro
    5. Insert the pages into a small, half page binder OR have it bound.

Spring Busy Book Download

If you want to make one of these Printable Spring Busy Book for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download HERE.



The content is geared toward my preschool and kindergarten age kids. This book focuses on basic math and problem solving.



Don’t forget to check out the other seasons!

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