Simple Sunflower Paper Craft For Kids

Whether you are learning about Vincent Van Gogh and His famous sunflower painting or doing a nature study on flowers, here is a simple sunflower paper craft for kids you can throw into the mix.  

I did this paper flower craft with my little ones this week and they loved it.  The bright cheery colors, the conversation about sunflowers, and the fine motor skills with the scissors made it worth our time. 


Sunflower paper craft finished


How to Make this Sunflower Paper Craft

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First things first, download the Free template then we can begin. If you don’t want to bother with the pattern, could easily free hand the shapes.


Materials Needed:

*I like the Printworks card stock 






1. Cut out the template pieces.

2. Use your template cutouts as a pattern. Cut the largest pedal and stem from the green paper. Then, use the middle sized pedal pattern for the darker yellow pedals, and the smaller sized template for the other two lighter yellows.  Lastly, cut your brown circle for the center.

3. Place your background piece in front of you vertically and glue the stem coming up from the bottom.

4. Glue the center onto the top of the stem. (Be sure to only glue the center of the circle so you have plenty of room to tuck your pedals under.)

5. Take your dark yellow and begin tucking them in around the center. When you are finished, begin filling in the gaps with the other shades of yellow.

6. Once everything is securely glued into place, take the end of your pencil and curl out the tips of each of the pedals for a 3D flower look.

7. Enjoy!



sunflower paper craft for kids pin



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What is your favorite sunflower craft?

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