Updated FREE Charlotte Mason 2020-2021 Planner

I created this Charlotte Mason Planner in 2018 for our school year and started sharing it for free here on my blog. Since another year has passed, I have updated the dates and made a few requested changes.  

With the Charlotte Mason approach to education, many subjects are covered daily in short increments of time. Because of this, it’s nice to organize and keep track everything being presented.

Therefore, this simple planner for those of you would like to see the full spread of things.



While, I’ve had a lot of people download this planner, I have also had a few requests for changes. One of the most frequent requests is a copy of this planner WITHOUT the subjects included in the subjects column.

Viola! This is the year! 

Also, there is a separate file that is the exact same planner, but with NO subjects written in. This will give you a little more freedom with your subjects.




Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

Generally speaking, you have your core subjects that you do each day like Bible, math, reading, literacy, copy work, and history while the other subjects will be on a loop schedule. Therefore, this planner is organized to chart each of these subjects.

Additionally, it is broken up into three, twelve-week terms. (The pages are organized to be printed front and back, and can easily be bound at a local print shop.)


Pages included in the planner are:



1. Yearly calendar

A simple year at a glance.

2. Monthly calendar pages

A full-page monthly calendars with a Charlotte Mason quote at the bottom for each month from August 2020-July 2021

3. Goals

Record big-picture goals here.

4. Prayers for my children

Chart strengths and weakness for each child, then write a unique prayer for each of them.

5. Book Lists for the year

Record book reads for the year, in what subject and for what term. There is also a page for free reads.

6. Scheduling charts

Figure out the logistics of what a homeschool day might look like with the layout. With this in mind, take notes on how long each lesson should approximately be, which subjects to do daily, and a list of subjects to loop.

7.  Subject notes

Individual subjects can be organized here, as well as, goals or ideas.


8. Weekly spreads

A weekly spread with space to plan each subject out for the week. Furthermore, this is where you will see everything that is getting accomplished in a weeks time.

New: An option with NO subjects.




9. Term recaps

This is a great space to record your accomplishments, as well as, areas that need improvement. In addition, a space to note changes that need to be made, while switching artists, composers, music, habits, etc.)


10. Notes

The end of the planner has a place for miscellaneous note taking.




How do you organize your homeschool?


Note: I made this planner for our home school, and with our family in mind. However, if you think this could benefit your family, feel free to use it as well! Let me know how it works.

Furthermore, if you are new to home school, check out this getting started post. If you are new to the Charlotte Mason way of homeschool here is a great read to get you acquainted.



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  1. Hi! I love the look of this planner and would love to get it and use for our homeschool, but Iā€™m just not seeing where to do that! Am I just being unobservant? Help, please. šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your talent! I have been searching for a simple planner. Thank you!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this resource! Is there a place you recommend to get this printed and bound? I was trying Office Depot but the file was too big to upload.

  4. Last year I printed this out one-sided and just used the blank side of the page for scibblng notes, etc. Do you know if I print it double sided will I end up with a weekly spread that opens up side-by-side? Also, this planner is perfection!! I just posted about it on my IG account. You have created such a lovely printable!

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