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Adverbs That Start With M

Here is a helpful list of adverbs that start with M, as well as, some fun adverb activities, sentence examples, and adverb teaching tips.

Adverbs lists are a great resource for teacher’s, homeschool moms, writers, and students, and are nice to have around for lesson prep, grammar instruction, writing, and more.

So, whether you are searching for an adverb for a poem you are writing OR for a third grade grammar lesson, I hope this list of adverbs that start with M a helpful place to start.

Also, be sure to pick up the free adverb printables at the end. Okay, let’s get right into our list of adverbs that start with M!

List of Adverbs that Start with M

Adverbs that start with M:

  • madly
  • magically
  • magisterially
  • magistrally
  • magnanimously
  • magnetically
  • magnetizing
  • magnificiently
  • maidenly
  • mainly
  • majorly
  • malevolently
  • malignantly
  • manfully
  • mangily
  • maifestly
  • manifoldly
  • manlessly
  • manly
  • mannerly
  • manually
  • manyways
  • manywise
  • marginally
  • markedly
  • martially
  • marvelously
  • massively
  • masterfully
  • masterly
  • materially
  • maternally
  • matrimonially
  • maturely
  • maximally
  • maybe
  • meagerly
  • meanly
  • meantime
  • meanwhile
  • mechanically
  • meddlingly
  • medically
  • medicinally
  • meekly
  • meet
  • melancholily
  • mellowly
  • menacingly
  • mentally
  • mercifully
  • merely
  • meridionally
  • meritedly
  • merrily
  • merely
  • meritedly
  • mesally
  • metallicly
  • metamerically
  • metaphysically
  • metrically
  • microscopically
  • midships
  • midst
  • midway
  • midweek
  • mightily
  • mighty
  • mildly
  • militarily
  • milkily
  • mimically
  • mincingly
  • mingledly
  • minionly
  • ministerially
  • miserably
  • mistakenly
  • mistakingly
  • miserably
  • missingly
  • mistily
  • mistrustingly
  • mixtly
  • mockingly
  • modally
  • moderately
  • modernly
  • modestly
  • molecularly
  • momentarily
  • monastically
  • monitorially
  • monstrous
  • monstrously
  • monthly
  • monumentally
  • moodily
  • moodishly
  • moonily
  • morally
  • mordantly
  • morbidly
  • more
  • moreover
  • morally
  • morosely
  • mortally
  • mortifyingly
  • mosaically
  • most
  • mostly
  • motherly
  • mourningly
  • movably
  • movingly
  • much
  • muchwhat
  • muddily
  • mulishly
  • multifariously
  • multiplicatively
  • multiply
  • mundanely
  • mutivious
  • municipally
  • murkily
  • muscularly
  • musically
  • musingly
  • mutably
  • mutely
  • mutteringly
  • mutally
  • mysteriously
  • mystically

Easy Adverb Sentence Examples

Are you ready for some easy adverb sentence examples? If so, I’ve got a handful of good ones for you.

Quick reminders: adverbs are used to describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. And will answer one of the following questions: how? where? when? how much? or how often?

Now for the examples. (Note: Most of these example use adverbs that start with M, but for the sake of using clear examples, there are adverbs that start with other letters as well.)

Where adverb sentence examples:

  • He ran midway and then he stopped.
  • Sam looked up.
  • My dad works abroad.
  • They stepped outside.

When sentence examples for adverbs:

  • The bills are due monthly.
  • She finished her homework midweek.
  • We will visit tomorrow.
  • Please sign up tonight.

Adverb sentence examples for the question How:

  • We merrily rowed along.
  • The teenager maturely articulated his point.
  • Jane dressed modestly.
  • She mutteringly answered her mother.

How Often: adverb sentence examples:

  • We don’t travel much.
  • She always complains about her food.
  • Generally, we eat dinner before 6pm.
  • I occasionally jog with a friend.

How Much adverb sentence examples:

  • She mostly sang off key.
  • Her performance majorly impressed the judges.
  • We enjoyed the concert very much.
  • Darleen is very nice.

Adverb Teaching Tips for Kids:

Where do you start when trying to teach adverbs to kids? Let me give you a couple pointers.

First, when teaching adverbs for the first time, you want your kids to understand that an adverb tells us more about the verb.

With that being said, adverbs will answer the questions: where? when? how? how often? and how much? And will commonly end with ‘-ly’.

Next, as your students progress, it’s a good time to teach that adverbs can not only describe verbs, but they can also describe other adverbs and adjectives as well. See the different adverb uses below:

Different adverb uses:

  • Adverb describing a verb: The jeans fit comfortably.
  • Adverb describing another adverb: The jeans fit very comfortably.
  • Adverb describing a adjective: He wore very comfortable jeans.

Adverb Activities for Kids

Now, let’s explore a few ways we can make learning adverbs fun and engaging for kids. Here are a few activity ideas you can do with this ‘adverbs that start with A’ list.

  • Add an Adverb game: Give you student a sentence and ask them to add an adverb. To make an added challenge, see if they can provide multiple adverbs that would possibly fit in the sentence.

  • Tell Stories: Make a snack and have fun telling some stories. But before you begin, brainstorm some verbs and adverbs that you could include into your tale.
  • Adverb Snacking: Break your kids up into pairs and let them have a snack. While they munch, have them take turns describing how the other person is eating their snack (quickly, loudly, slowly, etc). Have your kids write each of their adverb choices down, Then, when they are both finished have them share their adverbs out loud.

    Free printable Adverb Learning Pack 

    Here is some free Adverb worksheets! This free adverb learning pack includes adverb worksheets, adverb sentence cards, brainstorming charts, pick an adverb cards, adverb word search and more! (Great practice for 1st-5th grade.) For access to this free resource sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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    Adverbs That Start With M – Q & A

    1. What are some positive adverbs that start with M?

    Magically, masterfully, merrily, momentously, magnetically, mesmerizingly, magnificently, majestically, majorly, meaningfully, motivationally, miraculously, and mercifully.

    2. What are some good ‘ly’ M adverbs for third grade?

    Mildly, mindfully, manly, mellowly, magically, majestically, and mannerly.

    3. What are some common adverbs beginning with M?

    Mainly, maybe, more, much, mostly, midweek, and monthly.

    More Writing Resources

    Find more writing resources! Visit the Words for Kids page that has word lists, vocabulary words, ideas, activities, free learning pages, and more!

    What would you add to this ‘Adverbs That Start With M’ list?

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