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Printable Nativity Busy Book

Today I’m sharing a printable Nativity busy book that teaches kids about the birth of Jesus in a hand’s-on, fun, and engaging way.

Kids love hearing stories, and retelling them, don’t they? Knowing this, I thought it would be fun to make an interactive Nativity busy book that I could read to my kids OR that they could use the pictures and puzzles to retell the story for themselves.

With that being said, we used it as a read aloud and an independent activity, and I’m excited to share that this busy book has been a big hit around our house this holiday season as we remember the story of Jesus’ birth.

Other Preschool Elements Included in the Nativity Busy Book

If you’ve got toddlers or preschoolers, it’s nice to have resources that focus on building areas of physical or cognitive development while teaching a tradition or story.

With that being said, this printable Nativity quiet book not only tells the story of Christ’s birth but also focuses on building other preschool elements such as sequencing, fine-motor skills, and problem solving.

Each page has an interactive element that encourages the child to engage with. Whether it’s putting pieces in order or spelling the name of Jesus, kids are able to practice their fine-motor skills while learning the nativity story.

This kinesthetic element of quiet books is what keeps this age engaged.


How to Assemble the Nativity Busy Book:

This busy book is a little prep work up front, but if you enjoy playing with a laminator and making cute things for your kids, like I do, you won’t have any issues at all.

Once you get the Nativity Busy Book Download, you will want to print the pages, laminate them, and cut them in half.

Next, you will need to cut out the pieces on the pages that say ‘cut’. (These will be the moveable pieces that your child will attach to the pages.)

Attach the pieces, using clear velcro. (Don’t skimp on the velcro, or the book won’t withstand multiple uses.)

Lastly, put it together in a half 3-ring binder or have it bound at a local print shop. (Mine cost me about $3 to have bound.)

Materials needed for the nativity busy book:

*This list contains Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a commission from sales made.

Directions for assembling the nativity busy book:

  1.  Purchase, download, and print the ‘Printable Nativity Busy Book
  2.  Laminate the pages
  3. Cut the pieces from the “cut” pages
  4. Velcro the cut pieces to the coordinating page using clear velcro
  5. Insert the pages into a small, half page binder OR have it bound.


Nativity Busy Book Download

Want to make this simple nativity busy book for your kids? If so, you can download the and get started today! Printable Nativity Busy Book. (Great for preschool at home or for classroom use.)


List of Pages in the Nativity Busy Book Printable

This is an 11 page digital download, that focuses on teaching the nativity story through simple sequencing and puzzle activities and is suitable for toddlers thru Kindergarten.

Nativity story sequence in the nativity busy book printable:

  • Cover page
  • The angel came to Mary.
  • Joseph joined Mary and they left for Bethlehem.
  • The shepherd were watching over their flocks.
  • They stayed in a lowly stable.
  • Mary gave birth to a baby boy and named him Jesus.
  • The wisemen traveled from afar to bring gifts to the Christ child.
  • Back cover page

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What are your favorite ways to teach the Nativity story to preschoolers?

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a commission from sales made.

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