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W Words for Kids

Would you like to know more W words for kids? Well, you’ve won the jackpot. Today I’ve got a wonderful list of wholesome words to welcome you to.

Whether you are looking of whimsical or witty, this resource has lots of wondrous words for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary aged kids.

Also, stick around to the end to get the free W Words for Kids Learning Pack that you can print off at home and get started on today.

What Sound Does W Make?

Before we get into all the W words for kids. Let’s take a moment and go over the basic sound, spelling, and letter combinations of W.

The letter W makes the sound /w/ as in window, well, or windmill. The /w/ sound is created in the same way an /oo/ sound is made, but with the lips being closed a little tighter in a round.

As for spelling, the /w/ sound can be spelled with a W’ or with a ‘Wh‘ as in: what, when, and whether.

The Sound of W:

  • /w/ as in: win, wish, web

Furthermore, the spelling and sound of w can be changed by combining W with other letters in the alphabet. Here are the basic w letter combinations that you will commonly see:

W Letter Combinations

The letter W can also be combined with other letters in the alphabet to create unique sounds and blends. These w letter combinations include: aw, ew, ow, wr, and wh.

W Words for Preschool

Since kids at this age are still working on letter recognition and letter sounds, focus on choosing simple words that begin with W for preschool. And perhaps W words of objects they are familiar with like waffles or windows to demonstrate and teach the W sound.

Letter W alphabet activities and prewriting resources would be great for teaching preschoolers about W and words that begin with this letter.

*Note: for more practice with letter recognition, letter sounds, and prewriting, check out the Preschool Daily Skill Builder for daily skill-building in six different areas including prewriting, letters, and reading.

  • Waffle – I ate a waffle for breakfast
  • Watch – My dad wears a watch.
  • Worm – The worm was pink.
  • Wing – The bird had yellow on its wing.
  • Window – She shut the window.
  • Wheel – The wooden wheel was broken.
  • Wood – The table was made with wood.
  • Wish – I wish I could fly like a bird.
  • Wet – The girl got wet in the rain

W Words for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are still very new to the alphabet and to reading. They will be exploring sight words that begin with w, and also common or easy W words that demonstrate the W sound.

*Note: For more alphabet and reading practice for kindergarteners, check out the Kindergarten Daily Skill Builder for daily skill-building in six different areas which include reading and handwriting.

Here are some easy W words for kindergartners:

Words that begin with W for Kindergarten:

  • We – We are going to the store
  • Was – He was happy and content.
  • When – When will we be there?
  • Wear – I want to wear my blue jeans and a white t-shirt.
  • Wig – He wore a wig on his balding head.
  • Well – They went to the well to get more water.
  • Went – She went to her grandmother’s house.
  • Walrus – I saw a walrus at the aquarium.
  • World – Where in the world have you been?
  • Wasp – A sting from a wasp can really hurt.
  • Words – Her words were kind and thoughtful.
  • Winter – Winter is here and snow is on the ground.
  • Wednesday – I have ballet lessons every Wednesday.
  • Washer – My parents just purchased a new washer and dryer.
  • Wedding – The couple’s wedding was beautiful.
  • Wagon – I have a little, red wagon.

Easy Words that Start with W for Beginning Readers

Whether you are looking for easy words that start with W, or you have a beginning reader, here is a list of CVC words that begin with W. These three-letter W words are great for sounding out the letters and for practicing their fluency and sound blending.

Three-Letter W Words:

  • Wig
  • Wag
  • Wet
  • Web
  • Wax
  • Win
  • Won
  • Wit
  • Wok
  • Wed

Four-Letter W Words:

Continuing on, here are more easy words that begin with W using four letters. Most of these four-letter W words are sight words and are commonly used in beginning reading.

  • Will
  • What
  • When
  • Work
  • With
  • Were
  • Well
  • Weak
  • Want
  • Wave
  • Wide
  • Wire
  • Ways
  • Whom
  • Wip
  • Worm
  • Ware
  • Wept
  • Wish
  • Wife
  • Wall
  • Walk
  • Word
  • Wear
  • Wand
  • Weep
  • Wasp
  • Wilt
  • Wren
  • Wake
  • Whip
  • Woke
  • Wage
  • Wise
  • Wore
  • Worn
  • Wolf
  • Wrap
  • Warn
  • Wary
  • Wink
  • Whiz
  • Watt
  • Wind
  • West

W Words for Elementary Students

There is a wealth of wonderful W words for elementary students! This is a selection of W words that we’ve found to be very accessible and fun for this age.

Note: The sentences provided are for context and can be used to help kids as they learn these new W vocabulary words. Also, if needed, the definitions are available by clicking on the W words given.

  • Water – I need a drink of water.
  • Watermelon – This watermelon is sweet and juicy.
  • White – The bride’s dress was white and sparkly.
  • While – She played the piano while he sang.
  • Whiskers– The dogs whiskers were long and pokey.
  • Within – We will be there within the next two hours.
  • Winner – He was the winner of the race.
  • Warmth – The kitchen was full of warmth and aroma.
  • Width – He measured the length and the width of the box.
  • Wrist – Her wrist was cramping from all of the writing she had been doing.
  • Widen – They decided to widen the room by three feet.
  • Wedge – They used a wedge to prop the door open.
  • Whack – She gave the nail a good whack with the hammer.
  • Whine – The whine is her voice was unpleasant to listen to.
  • Wrath – No one wants to face the wrath of God.
  • World – The world is full of good and evil.
  • Writer – Jane was a freelance writer for the newspaper.
  • Wheat – They grow wheat on their farm.
  • Witch – The wicked witch scared me.
  • Waste – This is such a waste of time.
  • Weary – John was weary from his travels.
  • Whistle – The whistle blew and we new it was time to come inside.
  • Whale – We went whale watching along the coast.
  • Wallet – He purchased a new wallet from the department store.
  • Wrong – She was wrong but I kept my mouth shut.
  • Woven – The rug was beautifully woven together.
  • Worry – Don’t worry, we will find your lost puppy.
  • Windy – Today is windy and cold.
  • Wheelchair – After the accident, Ted rides around in a wheelchair.
  • Witty – His witty reply made the class laugh.
  • Wealthy – They were wealthy yet generous.
  • Worthy – Feeding the poor is a worthy endeavor.
  • Welcome – You are welcome to stay for dinner if you would like.
  • Watchful – The watchful dog alerted the family of the intruders.
  • Waddle – The ducks waddles across the lawn and down into the pond.
  • Wisdom – Wisdom helps you to make good decisions.
  • Whoever – Whoever wants to go to the concert, needs to purchase a ticket.
  • Whether – He wondered whether he should say or go.
  • Weather – They are predicting the weather to be wet and cold this week.

Advanced W Words for Kids

And now, for a few hearty, wholesome W words for upper elementary students (or for kids who just love to learn big words). Here are some advanced W words for kids:

  • Wholesome – Reading is a wholesome activity.
  • Wordsmith – Mark Twain was a extraordinary wordsmith.
  • Wholly – They are wholly committed to each other.
  • Waiver – She signed a liability waver before starting her horseback riding lessons.
  • Whimsical – Rather than making plans, she preferred a whimsical afternoon.
  • Witnesses – There will be three witnesses who will speak on behalf of the defendant.
  • Wheezing – She was up all night coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.
  • Wholesale – If you purchase more than twenty books, you can get the wholesale price.
  • Whimpering – The hurt dog was whimpering as he limped about.

Things That Start with W

Whether you need some w words for kids’ show and tell, or you are putting together a W word scavenger hunt. Here are a few lists of familiar animals, food items, and objects that begin with the letter W. What else would you add to these lists?

Animals that start with W:

  • Wolf
  • Walrus
  • Wombat
  • Whale
  • Woodpecker
  • Weasel
  • Wildebeest
  • Warthog
  • Wasp
  • Worm
  • Wolf Spider
  • Wallaby
  • White Hawk
  • Wolverine
  • Woodlouse
  • Wild Turkey

Foods that start with the letter W:

  • Walnuts
  • Wasabi
  • Wheat
  • Watermelon
  • Waffles
  • Wafers
  • Wine
  • Whiting
  • Wontons
  • Wieners
  • Winter Squash
  • Watercress

Objects that start with W:

  • Watch
  • Watchband
  • Wagon
  • Walker
  • Window
  • Wallet
  • Wardrobe
  • Wall
  • Warship
  • Worktable
  • Washboard
  • Washtub
  • Waistband
  • Warplane
  • Wreath
  • Warehouse
  • Washbowl
  • Wastebasket
  • Washcloth
  • Wood
  • Whip
  • Wheelchair
  • Whiteboard
  • Wig
  • Windmill

Activities for Teaching W Words to Kids

(This list of ideas contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

  • Get the Free W Words for Kids Learning Pack – This is a free printable resource that is available at the end of this post and is great for preschool through elementary. This pack includes tracing cards for letter w, letter w handwriting practice, w vocabulary words, and a word list.
  • Prepare a Snack with Foods That Begin with W – Have your kids come up with a fun treat using only foods that begin with a W. Perhaps, to begin, brainstorm a list of foods that begin with the letter W. Then see what creative, yet edible, food combinations you can come up with. What will it be? Watermelon on waffles? Or winter squash with walnuts? Wasabi and wontons?
  • Make a Word Wall – You’ve heard of creating word walls for kindergarteners, right? Well actually, you can do use them for any age! Have your students compile a list of words that begin with W and then prepare some fun word wall activities you can do as you learn your new W words together.
  • W Word Coloring Pages – Do your kids love to color? Get your artistic kids involved by giving them some W word coloring pages. OR Ff you’ve got preschoolers or kindergarteners, you can download some free Letter W coloring pages. (A lot of times these coloring pages have the letter and then an object that demonstrates the sound.)
  • Crafts for Letter W – Another fun way to learn W words is by doing W crafts for kids. From making a watermelon out of a half of paper plate, or weaving together a placemat, you can really have a fun time bringing your kids W words to life.

FREE Printable Letter W Learning Pack 

I have a free Letter W Learning Pack for you! This Inspire the Mom printable includes W word learning pages for preschool through elementary. There are letter W tracing cards, traceable vocabulary lists, letter W handwriting practice pages, and a printable w word list. All you have to do is sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

Get it Now!

Looking for More Words For Kids?

Whether you are a classroom teacher or are doing preschool at home, These words for kids resources are great for learning letters and for vocabulary building with specific letters in the alphabet. Here more words for kids resources:

What are your favorite W words for kids?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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