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100+ Excellent Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are notorious for sending our kids into sugar overload. This year, instead of stuffing their baskets with candy this year, why not try some of these 100+ non-candy Easter basket ideas?

These non-candy Easter basket ideas are broken up into the following categories: crafts, sensory, accessories, food, education, experience-based, outdoor, faith-based, and for toddlers.

Let’s get started! Here are 100+ non-candy Easter basket ideas:

100+ Excellent Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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Craft-Related Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas:

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Do your kids enjoy crafting? If so, fill up their Easter basket with some craft supplies that they can create with in the days to come! Here are a few crafty Easter basket stuffer ideas:

1. Stickers

2. Journal

3. Cute Easter Coloring Book

4. Watercolor Paint Set

5. Colored Pencils

6. Crayons

7. Craft Kit

8. Perler Beads

9. Latch hook set

10. Felting set

11. Wooden stamp kit

12. Markers

13. Stencils

14. Crochet Kit for Kids

15. Molding Clay

16. Gel Pens

17. Weaving Loom Kit

18. Jewelry-Making Supplies

19. Knitting Kit for Kids

20. Origami Set

Sensory Play Easter basket ideas:

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Are you looking for some hand’s-on, sensory play items that you can use as Easter basket stuffers? If so, check out some of these items. (Mad Matter is one of our kid’s favorites.)

21. Play Dough

22. Water Beads

23. Mad Matter

24. Kinetic Sand

25. Fidget Toys

Accessories: Non-Candy Easter basket ideas:

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Accessories are great Easter basket stuffers as well! From hair bows and scrunchies, to socks and sunglasses the options are unlimited!

26. Headbands for girls

27. Scrunchies (hair-ties)

28. T-shirt

29. Wallet for boys

30. Backpack Purse

31. Jewelry

32. Tiara

33. Dress-up gloves

34. Chapstick or Lipgloss

35. Natural bath bombs for kids

36. Toothbrush

37. Beach towel for kids

38. Flip-flops

39. Bow-ties

40. Press-on fake nails for girls

41. Burts Bee’s lotion

Food: Non-candy Easter basket ideas:

This is a non-candy Easter list, but who says we can’t put food in their baskets? Look around your kitchen, you have some healthy treats on hand? Perhaps you can whip up a batch of your kid’s favorite chocolate chip cookie to put into their basket. Here are some no-candy foods you could put into your kids Easter basket.

42. Fresh fruit

43. Muffins

44. Cookies

45. Cheese sticks

46. Butterfly snack bags

47. Crackers

48. Cake pops

49. Yogurt

50. Dried Fruit

How to Decorate Wooden Easter Eggs

Educational: Non-candy Easter basket ideas:

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Whether you homeschool or simply want to foster a love of learning, you can include educational items in your kid’s Easter baskets. From puzzles and maze books to butterfly kits and magnifying glasses, Easter is a terrific time to give your kids something they can use to learn and explore with!

51. Puzzle

52. Coupon for music lessons

53. Butterfly kit

54. Ant farm

55. Live ladybug growing kit

56. Rock tumbler

57. Telescope for kids

58. Microscope for kids

59. Growing crystals science kit

60. Build a robot kit

61. Book of mazes

Experience: Non-candy Easter basket ideas:

Are you already overwhelmed with toys and little gadgets? Perhaps you are short on cash? Either way, giving experience-based gifts is a great way to go!

62. Family movie night coupon

63. Easter egg scavenger hunt

64. Museum membership

65. Zoo membership

66. Theme park membership

67. Miniature golf

68. Painting pottery

69. Bowling

70. Skating

71. Theater gift card

72. Annual park pass

Outdoor: Non-candy Easter basket ideas:

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With spring around the corner, and everyone wanting to get outdoors into the sunshine, why not load your kids up with some outdoor Easter basket item? Here are some simple outdoor ideas:

73. hoola hoop

74. butterfly net

75. bubbles

76. Sidewalk chalk

77. Soccer ball

78. Binoculars for kids

79. Beach toys

80. Squirt guns

81. Garden tools for kids

82. Garden gloves

83. Live plants

84. Seeds

85. Baby Chicks

86. Jump rope

87. Bike accessories

88. Water bottle

88. Sun glasses for kids

Faith-based: Non-candy Easter basket ideas:

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Are you wanting to keep the focus of Easter on the resurrection of Jesus? If so, keep this theme by filling your kids Easter baskets with some faith-based items.

89. New Bible

90. Christian Easter Picture Book

91. Resurrection eggs

92. Bible verse bookmarks

93. Resurrection coloring wheel craft

94. Resurrection activity book

95. Cross necklace for kids

Toddler Non-candy Easter basket ideas:

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Lastly, here are a few simple toddler Easter basket ideas that do not involve candy. These toddler Easter basket stuffers are simple yet fun and colorful for small children.

96. The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book

96. Farm animal toys (Fisher Price)

97. Nursery soft stuffed lamb

98. Egg shakers

99. Textured bouncy balls

100. Wooden puzzle

101. Stacking rings (Fisher Price)

No-Candy Easter Basket Q & A

1. What can I put in Easter eggs that is not candy?

Stickers, coins, stamps, cash, hair ties, sticky hands, fidget toys, nail polish, marbles, putty, bubbles, plastic animals /bugs, lanyard, charms, rings, legos, finger flashlights, washi tape, and chapstick.

2. What else can you use for an Easter basket?

Wooden crate, plastic tub, watering can, jar, hatbox, flower pot, storage caddy, metal bucket, suitcase, beach bucket, canvas tote, tote bag, cardboard box, or handmade basket.

3. How much should I spend on an Easter basket?

Most parents spend an average of $25 dollars per kid.

4. How can I save money on my kid’s Easter basket?

Focus on including healthy food options (fruit or homemade treats), thrifted books, and experience-based coupons (family movie night, game night, day trip etc)

4. How do you fill a small Easter basket?

Choose small items like bubbles, board books, small puzzles, treats, gift-cards, etc.

Additional Easter Resources for Kids

Are you looking for some additional Easter ideas? Check out this list of recipes, crafts, and books that you can incorporate into this great holiday!

What would you add to this list of no-candy Easter basket ideas?

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