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Adverbs That Start With H

Here is a helpful list of adverbs that start with H.  This list is useful for teachers, homeschool moms, students, writers, or anyone who enjoys grammar!

So, whether you are looking for adverbs to add to your poetry OR are in search of a few adverbs for a fourth grade grammar lesson, I hope this list of adverbs that start with H will provide what you are looking for.

From descriptive words like happily and heartedly to adverbs like half and high, I think you will find that there is a plethora of awesome adverbs that start with H.

With all that being said, let’s dive right into our list of adverbs that start with H!

Adverbs that Start with H List

List of Adverbs that start with H:

  • habitually
  • haggardly
  • haggishly
  • half
  • half-heartedly
  • halfway
  • haltingly
  • handfastly
  • handily
  • hand-in-hand
  • handsomely
  • haphazardly
  • haplessly
  • haply
  • happily
  • harrassingly
  • hard
  • harder
  • hardily
  • hardly
  • hardly ever
  • harfully
  • harmlessly
  • harmonially
  • harmoniously
  • harshly
  • hastily
  • hatefully
  • haughtily
  • hauntedly
  • hauntingly
  • hazily
  • head-first
  • headily
  • headlong
  • head-to-toe
  • hearlingly
  • healthily
  • heart-breakingly
  • heartedly
  • heartily
  • heartlessly
  • heatedly
  • heatingly
  • heavenly
  • Heavily
  • heavy
  • heavy-handed
  • heavy-heartedly
  • hectically
  • hedonistically
  • heedfully
  • heedlessly
  • heftily
  • heinously
  • hellishly
  • hellward
  • helpfully
  • helplessly
  • hence
  • henceforth
  • here
  • hereablout
  • herebouts
  • hereby
  • herein
  • hereinafter
  • hereinto
  • hereon
  • hermetically
  • herocially
  • hesitantluy
  • hesitatingly
  • hiddenly
  • hideously
  • hieroglyphically
  • high
  • higher
  • highly
  • hilariously
  • hintingly
  • hissingly
  • historically
  • hitherto
  • hoarsely
  • hobbingly
  • hoggishly
  • holily
  • home
  • homelily
  • homely
  • homeopathically
  • homeward
  • homewards
  • honest
  • honestly
  • honorably
  • honouredly
  • hopefully
  • hopelessly
  • hopingly
  • horizontally
  • horribly
  • horridly
  • horrifically
  • horrifyingly
  • hospitably
  • hostilely
  • hotly
  • hourly
  • hoveringly
  • however
  • howso
  • huffingly
  • hugely
  • humanely
  • humanly
  • humbly
  • humiliatingly
  • humorously
  • hungrily
  • hurriedly
  • hurringly
  • hurtfully
  • hushedly
  • huskily
  • hyperactively
  • hyperbolically
  • hypnotically
  • hypocritically
  • hypothetically
  • hypocritely
  • hysterically
  • hypo-statically

Adverbs That Begin with H: Sentence Examples

As a quick reminder, adverbs are used to describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. And they will answer one of the following questions: when? how? where? how much? or how often?

Let me give you some examples. (Note: the majority of these sentences use adverbs that start with H, however, for the sake of using good examples, there are adverbs that start with other letters as well.)

Adverb sentence examples for the question of Where:

  • Here comes the train.
  • We drove homeward.
  • He traveled hitherto, thus leaving all behind.
  • Elijah travels abroad.

When sentence examples for adverbs:

  • She will perform tonight.
  • We already ate dinner.
  • Helen will visit tomorrow.
  • Yesterday we went out to dinner.

Adverb sentence examples for the question of How:

  • Betty hesitatingly handed the teacher her test paper.
  • They sang harmoniously.
  • Frank replied honestly.
  • The baby cried helplessly.

Sentence examples for the question How Much:

  • Kaelyn half-heartedly participated in the game.
  • We heartily enjoyed our meal.
  • I almost joined the club.
  • She heartlessly left and never returned.

Sentence examples for the question How Often:

  • The nurse checked hourly on her patient.
  • I habitually read my Bible.
  • We hardly ever drink coffee.
  • We always see each other on the weekends.

Adverb Teaching Tips for Kids:

Are you staring to introduce the different parts of speech to your kids and you are wondering how you are going to start teaching adverbs to your kids? If so, here are a few adverb teaching tips:

  1. For Younger Kids: Explain that an adverb tells us more about the verb.
  2. Teach that adverbs will answer theses questions about the verb: where? when? how? how often? and how much?
  3. Point out that adverbs will commonly end with ‘-ly’ (hardly, honestly, habitually, honorably, heartedly, etc).
  4. For Older Kids: explain that adverbs can not only describe verbs, but other adjectives, and adverbs as well.

Different adverb uses: sentence examples for kids

  • Adverb describing a verb: Frank answered honestly.
  • Adverb describing another adverb: Frank answered very honestly.
  • Adverb describing an adjective: Frank is a very honest person.

Practical Adverb Activities for Kids

Doing a few, fun adverb activities can go a long way in your student’s learning and understanding of the different parts of speech. With that being said, let me give you some practice adverb activities you can start on today!

  • Play adverb Charades: Name a verb for everyone to hear (run, sing, dance, etc) then take turns acting out adverbs that could describe that verb while everyone, who is not acting, try to guess.

  • Practice Finding Adverbs: Give you kids a handful of sentences and have them practice finding the adverbs. I like to encourage my kids to find the verb first, and then figure how what word tells us more about that verb. (Free Find the Adverbs printable at the end of this post.)
  • Read adverb picture books: Reading is the best way to learn speech! Get this list of picture books about adverbs and get started! Then practice identifying adverbs in some of your favorite books and see how many you can find.

  • Brainstorm More Adverbs: Give your kids a verb (such as walk, drive, sing, stand etc) and see how many adverbs they can brainstorm for that verb.
adverbs that start with H list -printable adverb learning pack -

Free printable Adverb Learning Pack 

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Q & A For Adverbs That Start With H

1. What are some positive adverbs that start with h?

Healthfully, high-spiritedly, highly, handsomely, hearteningly, hilariously, heartily, happily, harmlessly, harmoniously, honestly, healingly, high, and honorably.

2. What are some good ‘ly’ H adverbs for second grade?

Hardly, happily, hopefully, highly, honestly, hastily, and heavily.

3. What are some adverbs that start with ‘Hyp’?

Hyperactively, hyperbolically, hypnotically, hypocritically, hypothetically, hypocritically, hysterically, and hypo statically.

4. What are some negative adverbs beginning with H?

Harshly, harassingly, harmfully, hatefully, haughtily, half-heartedly, hellishly, hideously, horribly, horridly, and hostilely.

5. What are some common adverbs beginning with H?

Halfway, happily, hard, harder, hardly, harshly, hastily, helpfully, here, honest, honestly, hopefully, horribly, hourly, however, hugely, and humbly.

More Words For Kids

There are more word resources for kids. To check them out, visit the Words for Kids page that has word options, vocabulary lists, ideas, activities, free learning pages, and more!

What would you add to this ‘Adverbs That Start With H’ list?

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